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Looking after your favorite sunglasses and goggles.

Changing the lens on your goggles

How to change the lens on your Freebirds™ goggles. Learn how to change the lens on your VALLON Freebirds™ goggles in under 30 seconds. Click here to find the instructional videos. How to change the lens on your Stairways™ goggles. The Stairways™ gogg

Cleaning your VALLON sunglasses

Our eyewear is made with premium materials and quality craftsmanship, and like all nice things, it is always best to handle them with care. If you take your VALLONs into the pool or the ocean, or if they come in contact with a lot of sunscreen or swe

Avoid using lens cleaners

Please also avoid using lens cleaners! Only fresh water is needed for a ‘deep clean’. When cleaning your eyewear, handle your frames by gripping the bridge or the temple of your eyewear.

Storing & carrying

When you are not wearing your VALLONs, store them in their hard case / dust bag. Avoid leaving your sunglasses in the car as the temperature or direct heat from sunlight can cause damage to the frame and the lenses. Never place your Sunglasses or Ski

Using my microfiber cloth

Grip the temple of your sunglass frames and massage the microfiber cloth in a circular motion around your lenses until they appear clear again. For Heron, using the cloth, simply 'dust' off the dirt instead of wiping in a circular motion.