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What do I do if my sunglasses are crooked?Updated 9 months ago

Sunglasses made with premium acetate frames can sometimes arrive slightly bent or crooked because of the combination of temperature/pressure doing shipping. Frames can also bend out of shape over time during general use (for example, putting your sunglasses on your head will affect their fit over time).

This is perfectly normal and nothing to worry about! Thanks to the composition of acetate, this issue is easy to fix at home. With the help of some warm water, or a hair-dryer, you will be able to get your sunglasses back to a perfect fit in just a few minutes.

Here’s our step-by-step guide to adjusting your frames at home:

First, you need to determine which side of the frame you need to adjust. To do this, just sit the sunglasses down on a flat surface like in the video below. The arm that is raised off the surface is the side you will need to adjust.

Second, use one of the methods demonstrated in the video tutorial links below to safely adjust your sunglasses frames:

Method 1. Using a hair dryer (Instructions)

Method 2. Using warm water (Instructions)

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