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Adjusting crooked frames

FAQ's & how-to guide.

What do I do if my sunglasses are crooked?

Sunglasses made with premium acetate frames can sometimes arrive slightly bent or crooked because of the combination of temperature/pressure doing shipping. Frames can also bend out of shape over time during general use (for example, putting your sun

Adjust using a hair dryer

Gently heat only the front of the frame for 30-60 seconds, keeping the head of the hair dryer around 5cm from the frames. Once sufficiently heated, the frame will become flexible. Now adjust the frame, gently bending the frame back into alignment, li

Adjust using warm water

Fill a shallow bowl with warm water (<50°C / 122°F)(If it is too hot to touch, the water is too warm!). Submerge the frame in the water face down with the arms out of the water as shown below:. Once sufficiently heated (30-60 seconds), the frame will