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Adding prescription lenses to your VALLON sunglasses.


We currently offer prescription lenses for our Howlin' and Heron collections. Please check out the collection here.

Placing a VALLON Rx order

How do I order Rx (prescription) glasses from VALLON?. Have your glasses prescription to hand. We recommend you visit an optician/optometrist before ordering to ensure that you have your most up-to-date glasses prescription, and then follow these ste

Your prescription

How can I find out my glasses prescription?. We recommend that you visit your local optician/optometrist to get a full eye examination, and the most up-to-date version of your glasses prescription. If your current glasses prescription is still valid,

About VALLON Rx lenses

For which products does VALLON offer Rx lenses?. We currently only offer Rx lenses for the Howlin' and Heron collections. What type of corrections can be made in VALLON Rx prescription lenses?. Spherical -8.00 cyl +2.00 and Spherical +4.00 cyl +2.00.

Warranty & returns for VALLON Rx products

What is your VALLON Rx (prescription) warranty policy?. All VALLON Rx (prescription) products come with a 2-year warranty. This warranty is only valid to the original purchaser with proof of purchase from Please be advised that the 2-year